Who’s That Pug?

… the flying Pug
Sweeter than a slice of apple pie that Pug
The thirsty Pug
He goes glug glug glug
Friend of every snail and every slug that Pug…

 – Who’s That Pug? by M. Shanahan and C. Forfieh


The Pug (short for Puggle-Wuggle) is what we call him most often but he has many names, including Noah, Nuno, Nunes, Pugloid, Puggy and Puggoir. I pity the child that has no nicknames, having grown up with – and adopted – a fair few in my time.

He is my dear, sweet, 5 month old son; the proud product of the purest, most blisteringly beautiful love affair I have ever had. And it ain’t over yet bishes!

Just so you know.


2 Responses to Who’s That Pug?

  1. Michael says:

    Wonderful, I hope to read ever more interesting poems about Pug and the Pugfather.

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