Review: Big Fish Little Fish (Cardboard Box)


I love to dance, me.

So with unmitigated glee I accepted a kind invitation to Big Fish Little Fish, a dance party aimed at the post-rave generation of parents and their children. I was sold on the concept and loved the execution of what is a truly brilliant idea. For in my past life I have been a raver, a club-kid. From bugging out to heavy, heavy basslines in Berlin’s Berghain to wowing friend and foe alike with fancy footwork in London’s Fabric, I know that the right kind of dancefloor can be a magical, unifying place.

On a bright winter’s day, the family and I ambled down to the Effra Road Social Club. From the outside the little space looks just like it did when it housed the Brixton Conservative Club: a little unassuming and unloved. But on the inside? Well aha! On the inside we found a riotous afternoon party where professional big-name DJs, club visuals, lighting, booze and fun people who also happen to be parents and carers were brought together.

This was an excellent party. We left with huge smiles on our faces.

The music didn’t get boring, travelling as it did through house, hip-hop, drum and bass and back again. We saw glow-sticks a-go-go, bubble machines and a confetti-scattered dancefloor. Older kids were entertained by Captain Cookie’s Craft Room (Glitter! Glue! Card!) while the little ones made good use of a ball pool, inflatables and bean-bags in the chill out room.

Can I say again that I had an excellent time? Big Fish Little Fish isn’t your usual ‘child-friendly’ pub type place, it’s a space that caters exclusively for people like me – people who may have stayed out entirely too late several times in their lives; who have lost their friends in a club… or in a field somewhere. People who may – once upon a time – have collected flyers or wristbands. People who like to dance and socialise and meet new people and who want to carry on doing that, with their kids in tow.

Big Fish Little Fish caters for these kind of people – my kind of people. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon: drinking, dancing and having fun with your little one in a friendly and safe environment. We will most certainly go again. Thank you BFLF for inviting us.

Big Fish Little Fish parties run outside of the festival season during the winter months in both north and south London.  See for more details.

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