What Scummy Mummies Get Up To At Christmas

I’m a Scummy Mummy – are you?

Last Friday I had the ultimate honour of being the special guest on the Scummy Mummies’ Christmas special podcast.

Ellie Gibson, video player and ham-muller extraordinaire, and Helen Thorne, my favourite Australian expat are two brilliant and insightful ladies who take on the challenge of mothering armed with wit and hummus. The Daily Telegraph has called their podcast one of the best for parenting advice.

It’s no wonder – they are funny, they are filthy and they don’t hold back. We were obviously fated to become friends and it was a wonderful experience recording with them. It was boozy. It was hilarious. It was scary, thrilling and a lot of fun.

Have a listen to my mellifluous tones and let me know what you think. Among other things, the Scummy Mummies and I talked Christmas traditions, lies and bribes, blogging, Christmas robins and nipple tassles – we even sang! And the after-party nibbles were delicious too:

Ridiculously Good

Mulled ham – so so good.

Check out the show via this link.

Thank you Scummy Mummies for having me. It was uh-maze.

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