Review: Petitou

I am lucky enough to live in an area with lots to do, see and experience with the Pug.

Not only does this mean clubs and classes for little ones and their carers (not just parents but nannies, grannies, mannys and au-pairs too) but also places to hang out, talk shit (literally – as in discuss how many dirty nappies your baby has had recently) and just be. Oh, and drink coffee. Lots of coffee. Which is weird for me. I don’t especially like coffee and rarely drink it at home. I much prefer tea to your roasted, toasted beans from afar.

But no-one ever says, “let’s meet for tea”. Or better yet, “let’s meet for tea and cake”. So I’ve become a reluctant coffee drinker. And in SE15, my go-to place to grab a cup of coffee is undoubtedly Petitou.

My pretty little neighbourhood cafe

My pretty little neighbourhood cafe

Petitou is a pretty little cafe with just the right mixture of family-friendliness, good food, outside space and lovingly made hot drinks. Service is… a little hit and miss.

While it may be on the small side the huge, perfect-for-people-watching windows give it the illusion of being so much bigger. The demonic buggy, Puggy and I have yet to be turned away. It is always busy and seems – rightly – popular with other carers in the area. And students. And writers, freelancers, local business owners – everyone ends up at Petitou so they must be doing something right, right? The food is of the wholesome, seasonal type and comes in deliciously generous proportions. I find it reasonably priced (the massive pots of tea for £2.10 are a real bargain). The hand-made ceramic terrace is dominated by a beautiful plane tree that has brightened up many an afternoon of mine. Swing by; check it out. All in all, I feel lucky to have such a great cafe within walking distance of my house.

The banoffee cake is totally worth a mention too.

Petitou can be found at 63 Choumert Road, London, SE15 4AR

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