Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Pram On Rye!

This blog used to chronicle the adventures and misadventures of me, a new mum, and my son, the Pug as we attempted to navigate the streets of south-east London with a demonic buggy.

We still have the demonic buggy but things have changed since Pram on Rye was created in November 2013.

We have left south east London for south east Kent, given up rented accommodation for a house of our own and I am back at work now and not spending quite as much time watching tennis and drinking tea in coffee shops as I would like.

However, some things have stayed the same. Pram On Rye is still a place for me to make sense of this bewildering, baby-centric world I find myself in. I no longer trip the light fantastic, just over mountains of baby clutter (how can someone so small need so much stuff?). I will still be writing news, reviews, little things that are on my mind… nothing is off limits. From baby swimming to being a young black mother to gendered toys and clothes to Bach to Baby classical music concerts – all subjects are up for discussion.

Writing remains my release and my joy.

Welcome to Pram on Rye.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


2 Responses to Hello and Welcome

  1. Hello! Sorry we didn’t meet at BlogFest, but looking forward to catching up with you via blogging.
    Happy writing!

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