Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Pram On Rye!

This blog chronicles the adventures and misadventures of me, a new mum, and my son, the Pug as we attempt to navigate the streets of south-east London with a demonic buggy.

News, reviews, little things that are on my mind… nothing is off limits. From baby swimming to being a young black mother to Bach to Baby classical music concerts – all subjects are up for discussion. Writing is my release, my joy and the means through which I make sense of this – quite frankly – ¬†bewildering new world I find myself in. Late night clubs have gone out and in has come coffee mornings. I no longer trip the light fantastic, just over mountains of baby clutter (how can someone so small need so much stuff?).

Welcome to Pram on Rye.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

2 Responses to Hello and Welcome

  1. Hello! Sorry we didn’t meet at BlogFest, but looking forward to catching up with you via blogging.
    Happy writing!

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